Hello! So you may have seen on twitter and instagram that I've been using the hashtag '#ASOSNORTHAMPTON'. The reason being, the geniuses at ASOS have produced a pretty rad student map! It's really cool and you can have a look HERE, it's basically collating everyones tweets and blogs about their uni using your hashtag! I think it's a really interesting idea and I've been having a look at what there is to do in different parts of the UK. It's like a massive guide for students all in one place with the best areas to shop/eat/go out and more. 

I've been instagramming and tweeting what I've been upto so you can have a look by searching my hashtag. I thought I would also include a few more tips and places to go if you're ever in the area or thinking about studying here. I've rounded up some of the best with a little help from some of my uni friends who have lived in Northampton for a while:

Firstly here's me in a typical uni outfit for when I do loads of work in the library ;)


Coat: Mink Pink Trainers: New Balance Skirt: ASOS Bag: ASOS - All c/o ASOS 

Shopping - probably my favourite past time, the main area to shop in Northampton is the Grosvenor centre, it houses Topshop, Miss Selfridge, House of Fraser and some other big name stores. The high street which is adjacent to the centre has some more shops and I generally have a mooch around here inbetween lectures etc as there's a big H&M, a Primark (I buy socks everytime I go in and don't even wear socks) and a River Island. There's also a few independant shops dotted around town, I really like The Circus Boutique, they stock Alice Takes A Trip which I was so surprised by.

If you're looking for something a bit different I firstly suggest taking a trip to the Dr Martens factory outlet! It's a bit hit and miss but usually there's something good there. All pairs are 20 pounds (bargain) and they have some one offs and popular styles too. For vintage lovers, check out A Most Marvellous Place To Shop, it's a haven of vintage goodies and homeware. There's even a little cafe to stop and have a cuppa and slice of cake.


(Most of the time I wear trainers around uni, I'm split between two campuses and frequently catching buses, this is my excuse. Trainers are so much comfier than any other shoe lets face it.)

Eating & Drinking - I love eating out and I especially love pizza so Prezzo is a firm favourite but also Nandos and Pizza Hut (omg I live for the weekday buffet). As a student I have a budget that doesn't extend to anywhere too fancy! There's also some cute cafes though and me and my friend Elisse like to start the day with a fry up from the uni canteen! At £2.40 who can complain. Drinks wise head to Sazeracs if you're feeling flush or Vodka Revs (my favourite from my hometown too) for a woo woo or daiquiri, my faves! There's also Roadmender, a music venue which hosts Propaganda, NBs and Momo's. 

Jumper: c/o ASOS

Other things - If shopping and eating don't float your boat or you feel like you wanna do something more cultural, you can head to the shoe museum. As far as museums go this one is quite interesting, with 1000's and 1000's of shoes spanning across many decades. Quite helpful if you're studying a fashion course or you just have an interest in shoes! Just around the corner is the Derngate theatre, this little section of the town is called the cultural quarter.


I hope you've found this interesting, it's a little insight into what I get up to and where I am for the majority of the week! I haven't mentioned but I'm in my second year studying Fashion Marketing and as much as I moan about uni (who doesn't?) the course is actually pretty good. It's a nice balance of business and creative. If you're thinking of studying something similar or have any questions feel free to drop me a comment or email. I'd also love to hear if any of you guys are studying at uni or doing a similar fashion type course?

I'll also be continuing to use the #ASOSNorthampton hashtag on twitter on instagram so check out what I'm up to around uni! Also don't forget to hashtag your own uni town/city too :).

Tilly xo