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Blouse: Love Pink Boutique Skirt: River Island Shoes: River Island Gilet: Motel Bag: Mulberry

This skirt has served me well, it's been dug out for the third summer in a row. When it came out a few years ago I loved it, then it sold out and it became my mission to track it down (isn't that always the way?). I managed to find one in a size smaller but it fitted fine and that was that! Teamed with my new favourite shirt ever from Love Pink Boutique, I feel like a cowboy! It's so cute.

I hope everyone is having a fab week, I'm continuing my internship and getting ready for my holiday to Italy next week. I'll take some outfit snaps etc when I'm out there! Keeping it short and simple today today, ciao!

Tilly xo
p.s I'm having a nightmare with my photos and flickr atm hence they keep changing slightly in width, not that anyone will have noticed but I can't stand when things aren't consistent :|