L-R: Beanie: River Island Denim Jacket: Topshop Sunglasses: Asos Maxi Skirt: H&M Shirt: Cheap Monday Flippy Dress: Topshop Jellies: JuJu Smiley Top: Various Check Pini: Bitching & Junkfood Dungarees: Bitching & Junkfood Crop: Topshop Chain: Asos Rucksack: Asos

So, a trend I'm sorta obsessed with at the moment is definitely 90s. I agree some stuff needs to stay where it belongs i.e. in the past but I do love the grunge 90s look and more and more pieces are catching my eye. I'm seriously tempted by a pair of jellies. I remember wearing them when I was in infants school, I had a silver glittery pair and a black pair. I remember throwing a huge strop in Woolworths aged around 8 because I was told I couldn't have another pair, but they were pink and I srsly needed them. Needless to say I walked out with my brand new bright pink glittery jellies on my tootsies. I should have known then I was destined for a fashion obsessed life.

Crop tops, dungarees, crop tops under dungarees, I want all of it! I love love love the Bitching & Junkfood acid wash pair but at £95 (sob) they probably won't be mine for a while. I'm definitely going to try and hunt down the check H&M maxi skirt when I'm next in Cambs, the Cambridge H&M is pretty good so hopefully they'll have it. As you're reading this I'm probably somewhere in Newquay or completely lost and we've ended up on Wales. Me and my pal Erin are heading down for a couple of days as she's moving there over summer *boooo*. Just kidding. Kinda...

Are you a fan of this 90's trend? Do you think I'm crazy and need to leave the jelly shoe obsession in 1999?

Tilly xo

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