To The Gym!

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Sweatpants, top and sports bra all c/o Pineapple Trainers: c/o Keds

Hello! Firstly SORRY for the stomach flashing, I just had to show you my new fancy sports bra ;). I took these snaps the other day when I was heading off to the gym. I joined a new gym last summer where it’s only £2.50 a time and no direct debits or contracts which is perfect! I actually really enjoy going to the gym (ick one of those!) but mainly because I go with my best pal and I think it’s the gossiping I actually enjoy. Sometimes we hit Pilates classes but over winter I wasn’t feeling them so much but once uni is out of the way and it starts to warm up I’m definitely going to *try* and go regularly. We’ll see.

So anyway onto my gym gear, the lovely folk at Pineapple offered to send me some of their lovely exercise gear for review. I was so excited as I used to dance a lot in and outside of school and Pineapple was one of my favourite brands for dance gear. I was really surprised at their range, they have some lovely pieces and really good prices. Lets face it we don’t want to be shelling loads out for gym clothes. Though I am guilty of buying an obscenely priced pair of yoga pants from sweaty betty, but it was one time!

I’m really impressed with the items I’ve been sent, they’ve washed up really well and the sports bra is definitely something I will purchase so I have two. I’ve never worn a sports bra to the gym before (is that bad?!) but it makes everything a whole lot more comfortable and it’s a great fit. Some I’ve tried on in the past have been either far too tight or loose so I never bothered with one but I definitely recommend this Pineapple one if you’re on the hunt!

Are any of you guys gym goers or do you attend any fun classes? I’d love to hear where you buy your gym wear from!

 Tilly xo