photo b759c643-e63e-4f4f-aa4d-4972d4b2dbe5_zpseb6af14f.jpg
Lovely gifts I received - Cambridge Satchel, Marc Jacobs watch, H&M scarf, Necklace photo 9f46534e-0111-4077-aadd-0ae7bee66dfd_zpsabe89a3a.jpg
Mint green Monki knit and a cute little hat I couldn't resist! photo 1c4b6aaa-1dbd-44d1-b6f8-120054e5f1dc_zps285f9b35.jpg
Finally found a white gilet woo! & a cheeky underwear purchase photo 95480099-bea9-4db8-8b70-287d4d59b1dc_zps334c8fcb.jpg
Hermes inspired cuff from H&M! photo 2cb84a49-ac19-48cd-b78f-63105ec634d2_zps965dff74.jpg
Found these half price! photo 91b8ac24-655b-4f08-83bf-08d8cff71c1f_zps6a52a11c.jpg
Cute bunny top from Paper Doll (found in Toppers Oxford St) and Monki Carrie shirt  photo dfa05d1a-8373-4023-ae5a-b752ae8bb162_zps6eeace07.jpg
Loving all things white at the moment photo ca4edb32-b692-4299-8f8a-258ed90b7bb9_zps428efeab.jpg
 photo 820038e8-d5b4-4146-804e-d537f8509e22_zps2c84540d.jpg
Jacket from Monki and a maxi dress for my holz...roll on July! photo 1cc44e12-228c-45be-bb08-7899e65da494_zps118345c7.jpg
If mermaids wore Nike air max I think it would be these

I'm not sure I'm keen on the world "haul" but anyway here we go. I just got back from spending the weekend in London with my mum for my Birthday (21st!). Originally I was going with my boyfriend, he even bought us tickets for Woman In Black but at last minute he was unable to go. We didn't want the tickets to go to waste so my mum stepped in and we booked ourselves a posh hotel (with an amazing breakfast) and headed down. Luckily we're only 40 minutes away on the train so it doesn't take us long to get in and I was also lugging the rather heavy suitcase around.

I didn't take my camera as I wasn't really intending on taking many photos, I knew we'd be busy and I didn't really get time to stop but I did take a few on my phone. My instagram is tilly_jayne for anyone who's interested! I'm a bit lonely on there and looking for people to follow so hit me up! You can also check out my uh-mazing Chanel cake. Anyway we had a lovely day on Saturday, spent most of it perusing the shops and of course stopped for pizza. In the evening we headed to Covent Garden for Woman In Black which we both really enjoyed. We had fab front row seats in the dress circle and the show itself was different to anything I've seen. I'm used to seeing glitzy musicals so it was a refreshing change and it wasn't really that scary either.

On Sunday we woke up to an amazing breakfast at the hotel, I actually loving staying in hotels just for the breakfasts. It was then off to Carnaby street for a bit more shopping (hai Monki!) and we stopped off and had lunch at this cafe which is right in the middle of Russell Square which was cute. I managed to pick up quite a few bits and bobs and had such a nice weekend. So lets see what 21 holds!

What do you think of my purchases? Have you got your eye on anything at the moment?

Tilly xo

OH and one more thing my friend Michael has just set up a blog and keeps pestering me to share his here we go: @MJBiagioniblog - go follow he has a beard and wears nice clothes.