Candycanes c/o Cybercandy 

Well well well what are these treats hiding in my Christmas tree? Gobstopper Candy Canes of course! They're as amazing as they sound, last forever (well kinda!) and change flavours THREE whole times. I thought those sweets only existed in the films. My candy cane went from cherry to orange and then another flavour my confused and over excited brain couldn't work out but trust me these taste amazing. The traditional colours fit in well with my Christmas tree theme too, perfect! I don't think they'll be hanging on my tree for long though, I'm already three down!

Be sure to check out Cybercandy if like me you're a fan of all things American, twinkie anyone? And for any True Blood fans out there - how awesome are these. Are you all prepared for Christmas now? I still have so much to do, I feel so unprepared! It seems to have crept around very quick or maybe I'm just really unorganised...

Tilly xo