Autumn Leaves


Beanie: Asos Jumper: Topshop Blazer: River Island Skirt: Mango Watch: Michael Kors Blouse: Coco’s Fortune Skirt: LOVE Blouse: Mango

Hi Guys! So I really wanted to do an outfit post today, I usually snap my photos around 7pm when my master photographer (mum) is home but today it was already dark! A sign Autumn is just around the corner and that I need to be more prepared. I think it’s going to be tricky taking snaps now it gets dull so early but I’ll have to roll with it. I really like reading other peoples wish lists, I like to see what’s on everyones radars! Do you guys like reading them too?

I’ve featured a couple of smaller brands on here that are available at Topshop, it’s worth looking in the brand section, I always come across something I like! Do you usually check that section of the website? Now as you may be aware, I’m maxi skirt crazy. They’re probably my favourite item of clothing. I just love the look and swishing around in them all day. My love for them certainly isn’t just a one season fling so I will stocking up on some more seasonally suited versions like the one featured above! This one is definitely more of an evening maxi skirt, I can imagine myself wearing it on a chilly winter evening going out for a meal or to a pub with the girls. Ah I’m so excited for winter! I’m one of those annoying types that celebrates when the air turns old. On another note, my trusty Marc Jacobs watch has seen better days so I’d really love this Michael Kors one as a replacement! I don’t change my watch every season (I wish!) so it’s a justified need!

What do you think of my picks? I think this is the first selection of items I’ll be buying come payday/student loan day!

Tilly xo

P.S Don’t forget my giveaway ends on the 14th September!