On A Mission

winter boots

L-R: Topshop Alvin Boots, Topshop ADIOS2 Boots, Topshop Millicent Boots, Zara Boots, Office Nighthawk Boots.

Okay so every year I have the same dilemma, buying a pair of boots. As simple as it should be I just have a complete nightmare! Firstly getting them to fit but also the comfort factor. Last year I bought the toppers Allegras in a size too big (I thought I could pad them out with socks, but no) which I ended up selling on eBay. I ended up with no boots all winter because I just couldn’t find the right pair. This year I’m a little more prepared. I’ve scoured out my favourites which I will hunt down in the shops and try on (fingers crossed at least one pair fit). I love every single pair I’ve featured on this page so deciding which pair is going to be tough. I love the Chloe studded Susan boots but at the best part of £800 I couldn’t part with that much cash. Don’t get me wrong I think if you like it buy it! Whatever the price but I seriously mess up my shoes. I don’t know why or how, maybe because I’m so clumsy but they would end up scuffed and battered after 2 weeks. The above dupes however I can justify! Which do you prefer?


L-R: Asos ABBI Boots, Ash Studded Engineer Boots, Ash Nevada Boots, Ash Siliver Boots

Again, a couple of dupes for you! This time of the infamous Isabel Marant Dicker boots. Another firm favourite of mine but for the same reasons mentioned above, won’t be happening anytime soon. The Ash Siliver boots are amazing though, they come in a few different colours including black and the khaki I’ve pictured above. The ABBI boots from Asos are dead ringers of the Allegras but half the price, bonus! I think I will need to invest in a couple of pairs so I don’t end up with blue feet again all winter, which ones are your favourite? I’d love to hear so please help me make my decision!!!

Tilly xo