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Dress: c/o Glamorous Gilet: Zara Necklace: Primark Shoes: Asos Hat: Asos

Hi guys. I expect most of you are currently watching Wimbledon, as am I! I was meant to be going out at 4 hence why I'm dressed up a bit but I can't leave before the match is over! It's so tense. Anyway I was sent this really cute dress from Glamorous, I wasn't sure what to wear bra wise as I obviously don't have one that's the same colour so I went for black. I was going to brave bare legs but the rain is on and off I thought better of it. I went for a size 10 but it's actually a little big around the waist so if you fancy one yourself I'd say perhaps size down!

I have quite a few things to show you this week including a few new jackets and dresses. Do any of you have any interesting plans for this week? I really want to go to the cinema again, I'm actually considering getting an unlimited card as to be honest I rarely go on nights out any more. When me and my girls are all back in our home town we tend to organise a couple of nights out but we openly admit we're more the cinema/meal/night in with a film group of friends! Which suits me fine as going out all the time and getting drunk really doesn't interest me much any more. Am I an old person before my time? Hmmm.

Tilly xo

p.s if any of you clicked the link I mentioned for my bowler hat a couple of posts ago you may have seen it sold out but they've bought out an almost identical one HERE or a straw version HERE (in the sale for only £9!)