Zoe Karssen

Don't you just love coming across a brand you instantly love? Ever since I saw the "Paris can wait" tee (which I featured here) I've wanted everything I've seen since. I love all the designs especially the four I've featured above, they remind me of a less lairy more subdued Wildfox. I do really like some of Wildfox's designs (especially the white label, swoon!) but sometimes they're a bit in your face! I am extremely drawn to greys and whites so these are perfect for me and I also love a slogan with a little Francais in it! You can find Zoe Karssen at the usual suspects: mywardrobe, asos, net-a-porter and harrods to name a few.

It's my birthday in 8 days (waahhhhh) I will be leaving teenhood behind and entering the twenties so one of these beauties is top of my list! Speaking of which I really need to make some plans! Most of my friends are at uni so I'll probably do something with my mum which involves shopping!

Tilly xo