Hi guys! So something a little different, no fashion or vegan ramblings as today I'm talking all things acupuncture and my recent experience with this alternative therapy! When I said I was grandma before my time, I really meant it - lol. I've suffered on and off with back pain for as long as I can remember, and after a few fairly unsuccessful physio sessions I relied mainly on ibuprofen when it flared up. Until recently, when I was given the opportunity to review the services of acupuncturist Dr Michael Curtin.

I set my fear of needles (more on that later) aside as I was really interested to try this, ANYTHING to help with my lower back pain. Having checked out Dr Curtin's website I was super impressed by the fact he actually has a 28 year medical background as a GP. I felt this put him in a much better position to treat me and offer advice as opposed to your everyday acupuncturist who might not be as qualified or experienced.
Dr Curtin actually operates from four different practices based in London (Harley Street), Biddenham, Harpenden and Hitchin. Biddenham is fairly close to Cambridgeshire so this is where I met with Dr Curtin for my first consultation! 

I was a little nervous, mainly as I had no idea what to expect but Dr Curtin put me totally at ease and the constant flow of conversation really helps to take your mind off the needles. After a run through of my previous medical history, Dr Curtin went on to explain a little more about acupuncture and the benefits for those who suffer with ailments such as back pain, knee pain, arthritis and so on. It's clear to see Dr Curtin is passionate about this as a complementary therapy alongside traditional medicine and I felt in totally safe hands. 

Now, some of you may be thinking omg really? Yeah, I'm no fan of needles either BUT I can assure you the ones that were used on me are tiny and you can barely feel it. I'm the girl who used to end up in floods of tears at the doctors when I had to get jabs so trust me on this one. 

acupuncture dr curtin
(Acting cool about needles being in my HAND!)

The needles were inserted in my lower back where I was really suffering and my muscles had tightened quite substantially. The needles are tweaked a little throughout the session and then it's over before you know it without any tears! I wasn't hoping for any miracle results but I was extremely impressed at what it did for my back. It felt like it had come undone, that the muscles had relaxed and I could finally bend down and pick something off the floor (usually a bunny) at ease and without getting stuck mid-way. It helped with the pain relief and the constant ache I had previously had in my lower right back was practically gone the next day. Dr Curtin also gave me lots of helpful advice regarding my posture and how to sit at my desk in a way that would benefit my back. 

I followed this session up with a second appointment for my shoulders, another area that I seem to have problems with. Again, I was made to feel totally at ease and if I went back for a second time it can't be that bad! I also had needles inserted into my hand this session as it's all connected and Dr Curtin explained why he does this. This is what I found particularly great about Dr Curtin's service as an acupuncturist, he ensures that everything is explained to you and is open to any questions you may have. The results for me have been fantastic and I'll definitely keep this up for when I begin to get a little stressed and my muscles tighten up.

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