Sunday, 1 June 2014

Outfit: Co-Ordinating With Missguided

IMG_2211 IMG_2166 IMG_2132 IMG_2160 IMG_2172 IMG_2176

Evening! So today as the sun was shining (in intervals as per) I thought I'd try and get at least a little tan on my legs so opted for this co-rd from Missguided. It also comes in baby pink and I'm SO tempted to order that too as it's such a perfect little ensemble to wear in the daytime but also evening for drinks etc. I have a lot of love for this set! I wore it with my usual kinda thaaang, duster jacket and trainers. I actually forgot I owned these trainers and came across them whilst having a clear out and fell in love with them again. I think the skirt/trainers combo is definitely a love or hate! My bag I picked up in H&M as I had a gift card to use, I love the monochrome design it's quite Chanel I think.

I've been trying so hard to cut back on spending recently, I'm in one of those phases where I'm seeing so many pieces I want. I was doing really well until Asos sneakily snuck there little 20% off in front of my face today! What can I do though, my saved items basket isn't gonna buy itself. So I'll probably  have a few new purchases to show on here in the very near future...